The true beauty of a ballerina lies in her Strength and Grace. The truth about calligraphy is how each stroke is unique and never repeatable, truly one and only. Each stroke is as individual as it is and their path merges to create a beautiful synergy that carries a story to tell.  It is not difficult to realize that Calligraphy and Ballet are as different as it is. The truth about their beauty is to find the balance, which is the core of both art forms.

There are no mountains too high for humans to conquer for the highest of mountains are within themselves. Through sheer Diligence, Determination and Passion, it is not difficult to be brilliant. Just let the moment find you for Life is a journey of Discoveries, however said the greatest discovery for anyone is truly to Discover Yourself.

Yours truly,
Simon Keak  .  Executive Director  .  MTM Skincare Pte Ltd – Singapore